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Bitcoin: How Does it Work? (Roger Ver Interview)
Some basic information on bitcoin, and the effect of Cryptocurrencies on the new emerging world economy.




Only about 1% of the population is involved with cryptocurrencies.
This is expected to climb to around 3% by the middle of 2018.



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Embrace the Good, Reject the Fear.

Andreas looks at the symbiotic relationship between opportunities that Bitcoin offers for improving India's general welfare, and the talent and potential India can contribute in return to help it thrive. He argues that, like the early internet, Bitcoin began as a weird and difficult place for the average consumer; if we embrace the good and reject the fear of this global phenomenon, we can make the financial world as accessible and intuitive as a swipe on an iPad.

Andreus Antonopolous Bitcoin Q&A: Borderless money

Are cryptocurrencies subject to the same border restrictions as foreign currency and cash? Where are bitcoins "located"? What happens when money is data? What are the geopolitical implications of borderless money? Bitcoins 'live' on the blockchain, on a global network, in "the cloud." When you make a transaction, bitcoin is not transmitted anywhere; it simply changes ownership. National "flag" money went from being a store of value, medium of exchange, and unit of account into a system-of-control for playing political games. It removes the power of central banks to take entire populations hostage under hyperinflation experiments. Therefore the framework of money transmission laws is obsolete and fatally undermined.



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