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What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency known as cryptocurrency.

It is a decentralised currency that is not controlled by any one person group or corporation.

Itís the first example of a growing category of money known as Cryptocurrency.

Only about 1% of the population has become involved with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies so far. This is expected to rise to about 3% in 2018, and then grow exponentially from then on.



Bitcoin was First Developed in 2009.

It Was The First Cryptocurrency
& Is Still The Leading Digital Currency



Huge Price Increases in BTC Since 2011
And Especially in The Last 12 Months.

Bitcoin Price 2011-16
2011 $0.35
2012 $6
2013 $15
2014 $907
2015 $300
2016 $620
Bitcoin Price 2017 
Jan $1311
Feb $1298
Mar $1618
Apr $1432
May $1844
Jun $3226
Jul $3236
Aug $3598
Sep $6513
Oct $5722
Nov $8881
Dec $20,000





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Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Sunshine Coast Info

Introduction To Bitcoin - Andreas M Antonopoulos

A guide for the newcomer to Cryptocurrencies who want to learn about Bitcoin and open blockchains.

Implications for the world economy, and the potential benefits to poorer populations with access to cheap money transfers.




Clif High joins journalist, Dani Katz, for a far ranging, all out
untangling of the cryptcurrency scene.

Clif responds to many questions from a Bitcoin sceptic.





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